Christchurch Memorial RSA has been awarded the national RNZRSA ANZAC Poppy contract for 2015 to 2019. The poppies will be made in New Zealand in Christchurch and will carry the 'NZ Made' logo.

The RNZRSA supply contract stipulates that ANZAC Poppies manufactured under this contract may only be sold to authorised purchasers who, in the main are RSA local associations and clubs.

The poppies are supplied in bulk in boxes of 500 and include a container of 500 pins. Freight throughout New Zealand is included in the purchase price of each box.

There is a range of Poppy merchandising products to support the Poppy Day appeal including:

  • Poppy Counter Display boxes (packs of 10)
  • Poppy Collector trays with slotted cash box and lanyard (packs of 10)
  • Poppy Collector buckets (in-mould printed labels) with slotted lids (packs of 10)
  • Poppy Collector unique ID Badges with aligator clip or lanyard (packs of 20)

A Poppy Merchandise Catalogue and order form is available on request from:

Order To:     Christchurch Memorial RSA

                       P.O. Box 354

    Christchurch 8140




Payment:     Cheque, credit card (phone 03-3799724) or Direct Credit to our                          bank at:


   (reference 'Poppies' and RSA Name)

Payment is due 20th of the month following date of invoice. Penalties for late or non-payment may apply.