Our Military Heritage and History Displayed

Our Defence Forces from Christchurch and the Canterbury Region have a very rich, colourful and courageous history that dates back to the arrival of the First Four Ships at Lyttelton and continues through every World War, emergency, police action, peace keeping mission, multinational observers role and other operational deployments of our forces overseas, and civil emergencies at home since then.

At the Christchurch Memorial RSA there is a extensive collection of militaria and memorabilia that has been gifted (and in some cases loaned) to us by our past and present members and the general public over many years. Much of the collection is of historical value. 

Our new building is a "living" military museum so that our community can view these important artifacts of our military history and learn something of the courage and committment of our NZ Defence Forces from the earliest conflicts right through to the current day.